New package: Error status


Here’s another one. Sick of the developer tools popping up all the time? This package will disable it and instead show error messages in a panel at the bottom of the workspace. It’ll also display a count of errors in the status bar that you can click to bring up the dev tools and log all the caught exceptions. The error panel can also be disabled so you’re not distracted at all!


Awesome. I didn’t think this was possible. I thought the inspector was outside the scope of the app.


Is there a reason I can’t run this on 138? I’m stuck on 138 because of this problem …


I don’t think there’s anything that would stop it working, I’ve just taken to always specifying the latest engine version in the package.json. I imagine you could clone it, change the version and it should work.

It doesn’t actually hook into the inspector, it just replaces Atom’s window.onerror function with one that doesn’t open the devtools and displays the error instead.


I always use a slightly older version. I’m using 130 now for my packages. Some may upgrade a package before they upgrade Atom.

I’ll get it from github.


This is really cool. I especially like that you only see the one error when you click more....




It’ll be awesome if it could integrate a Report on Github action that creates/updates an issue (ala runtimeerror)!


All the code for the actual posting to github is in bug-report. I wrote the posting part. I’ll put an item on my todo-list to do a PR for error-status. It would be similar to my PR for bug-report.

EDIT: It should probably be a command in error-status that brings up bug-report with the error listing filled in.


Right, I forgot about your package :), thanks for the reminder!


I’ve just published an update with support for this. If the bug-report package is installed, error messages will have a “Report” button that triggers bug-report:open with the error as an argument.


Awesome. I added this issue to accept the kindly offered error text and show it.


It’s @lee-dohm’s package. I’ve been contributing. I really believe it needs to become the go to method of posting.

I’ve been following atom/atom issues and it is amazing how programmers themselves often ignore all bug reporting standards. Most bug reports don’t even include the Atom version. And they assume whatever they are seeing is endemic and all other users see the same thing. I have to laugh when a post just says “The enter key doesn’t work in Atom”. I swear that isn’t an exaggeration (much).


I also wanted to say that @mark_hahn has been a great help with contributing to bug-report. I’ve been spread a little thin the last week or so, so it has been a great help that he has taken the lead on pushing it forward.


Oops my bad ^^

When working with people supposed to report me bugs I always start by sending them this link:

One of the best piece on this subject I have ever read.

Another link I always refer to when it comes to bugs and prioritizing them:


I’ll probably add the first link or something like it to the bug-report README.


@postcasio Going to try it out today, thanks. But I had a question: What happens when this package has an error? Does it open the console?

Btw, I’m still working on the Conspiracy Keanu meme for this.


Bad things, probably. I should test that case :smile: I’ll probably wrap everything in a try and log to console.


Very nice package, destroyed one of my largest pains in a single package :slight_smile: