New Package: CodeStream


Some of you may already be familiar with Git-plus, which is a package I’ve maintained for almost 4 years now since atom was in beta. Developer tooling has become something I’m passionate about and I recently joined a company focused on developer productivity and collaboration.

We at CodeStream have built a plugin that puts team chat into editors and IDEs to make it easier to talk about code. You can learn more and watch a demo at our website (

Currently, we’re in a beta phase and looking for feedback. CodeStream will always be free for open source projects and anyone who uses it right now in beta will get it free for life.

There are some questions answered at the bottom of our README here.

We would love to get feedback and hear what you all think so please reach out to me directly at if you have feedback.


It’s times like these that I lament the fact that I’m the only Atom user in our team. :wink:

Good luck with the plugin. I’ve watched the video, and it seems really useful.

I see you have other editors/IDE’s in development. Are the collaboration tools independent of the editor in question? As in, will the features work seamlessly within teams using different editors?


Thanks @jrial!

Yes the core experience will be the same across different clients. Our ultimate goal is to be available in the top IDEs and editors so developers can work together and continue to use the tools they’re familiar with and prefer.

Atom was a good start for beta because it’s the most extensible editor today to make something like this a reality quickly.


My team was just introduced to CodeStream this morning and they are already using it. We have been looking for something like this for a while now. Thank you to the dev team that built it, along with David and akonwi for teaching my team how to use it.


Thanks for the feedback Leonard! We’d love to use your quote (or another one if you prefer) in our “wall of love” if you could give us permission. Feel free to reach out to me directly at