New Mac Install - Autocomplete not showing?


I’m new Atom (and I did post this on response to an issue on Git#29 - though it was my first time on Git as well) and after install I cannot seem to make the autocomplete show.

I’m not sure if I should do something to turn it on or…

Atom: 1.8.0
Mac: 10.10.5

Looking through the Flight Manual and online everything seems to point to the autocomplete working out of the box. I’m sure I did (or not) something.


What grammar is your active document using? Atom’s autocomplete is based on the language it has identified for the buffer, and not all languages are installed by default. You should give us an example of a document you’re trying to work on.


I was trying to start an HTML document. I’ve watched some videos on Youtube and folks just seem to either type and go or install new package and go.

I might just need a better rookie tutorial.

I open a new document.
start typing <htm
And nothing shows.
I can also do doctype etc. to the same. I’m sure it’s just me.


Okay, here’s the thing. Atom tries to figure out what a document is whenever the file gets saved or loaded. It does this using the file extension or (sometimes) the first line of the document. As soon as you save your buffer with .html on the end, it will switch to HTML. If you want to tell Atom that your unsaved buffer is HTML, you have to do that manually: look at the right-hand side of the status bar and click on the words that say “Plain text”. You will see a pane pop up with various grammars and a search bar, so you just start typing the name of the one you want and then enter (or you can click on the name) and it will swap.


Alright - newbie status showing here!!

I was just typing in an unsaved document. I noticed the examples all had saved titles in their tabs.
So I saved a new file as base.html and presto bango!!! Autocomplete. Installed Emmet and it is going along as well.



Cool! Thank you for that extra part. We were answering each other at the same time :slight_smile: