New Lines change first character to upper case


Hello All,

When I start a new line in any file (.txt, .py, etc) Atom automatically changes the case of the first character to upper case. Any Ideas how I can disable this from happening? I’ve disabled all of the auto-spellcheck in Chrome as well as the auto correct spelling in OS X and the issue persists.




Does this happen when you open Atom from the command line with atom --safe?


@DamnedScholar : When launching via Terminal with the --safe option, I still have the same behavior as described above.


And it doesn’t happen with any other program? Safe mode disables all of your packages, so the only things that could be interacting with the text are Atom itself or an external process.


@DamnedScholar - Actually, this happens with all other apps so, it’s not an Atom problem. I should have tested that first before posting here.

I’ll post the fix once I figure it out.


Root Cause
(just in case someone else runs into similar behavior)

I’m using an app called TextExpander and it has a setting in preferences/options that allows the app to capitalize new sentences and this effects all apps where text is entered. Once this setting was disabled, Atom and all other apps are back to normal.