New files are loaded to a folder but are not seen in atom


Hi! I had a couple files .py in a folder. Then, a few other .py files were added, but Atom does not see new files, only old ones.

It was a suggested somewhere to uncheck Hide VCS Ignored Files in Tree View. It was initially unchecked… Atom does not see files.

Please, help.


Mind posting a screenshot of the folder open in Atom and the same folder open in your file browser?


This is the screenshot:
In fact, file created today in Atom “for loop” is not visible in explorer.


Is that on a remote file system? Does the file physically exist in the folder? Does the issue happen in any other folder known to be on the computer?


What is the full path of the folder open in Atom? You can find it by opening the developer tools (ctrl-shift-i), going to the Console tab, and entering atom.project.getPaths().


It is on local computer and files are there


I found a problem. It was due to google drive.

Thank you!