New file with name


When Atom is in Developer Mode, the following will produce a new tab with the name “myNewFileName”"myNewFileName")

Outside of Developer Mode, the new file is named “untitled”. Is there a reason for this behaviour? Are there other options that work outside of Developer Mode?

Atom: 1.10.2
Electron: 0.37.8
Chrome: 49.0.2623.75
Node: 5.10.0


I just checked in Atom on my computer at work (Mac OS X 10.9.5), and the results aren’t always the same. Every now and then, the command mentioned in the previous post will create a new file under that name while not in DevMode. However, the opposite is also true, it doesn’t always work in DevMode. I used the --safe flag on both computers.


Posted an issue. Would be great to hear from others how that command behaves.