New file openings to open in a specified pane (in split view)


Hi, guys!

I’m currently using latex-plus to compile and sync a latex project and view the pdf on the right side.

The pdf is viewed with pdf-view, and if I select a part of the pdf, it opens the latex file which contains the rendered part. If I try to open a file that is not already open, that file will be opened as a tab in the same pane (right side) along with the pdf.

What I want is that all new file openings are opened in the specified pane, which is the active editor pane on the left side unless I drag or move them over manually. Is there a setting or package that does this? I’ve been looking around a lot already, but I am not familiar with that is and what isn’t.


There isn’t a setting that does this, no. There might be a package that does, but I don’t know of one.