New Document Tab Refuses to Simply Open and Take Focus


So, the new “Panes” “feature” doesn’t seem to continue forward the same workflow as from the non-panes versions… As in, when I select a file in the project “pane”, should it not automatically open that document and ALSO BECOME THE DOMINANT TAB IN MY MAIN EDITING PANE???

I seem to have to select, wait for tab to open, then either select that tab or attempt a double-click on the same doc name in the project “pane”… Of which, the old behavior allowed for me to just, start typing and work so much quicker…

NOT TO MENTION! Command-W (close window/tab) friggin closes the Project Pane!!! SO WHY ON EARTH does the stupid project pane-thing also still have the Control-\ Keybinding builtin??? it literally makes absolutely no sense what… so… ever…

And apologies for a bit of the over-dramatizing tonight… This has just frustrated me to no end, and its been a long weekend…


Thanks for the report -

Can you confirm what version of the Atom beta you’re running and what OS you’re on? I noticed this issue today that sounds like what you’re describing:

This has been reported as a bug here:

Thanks again for reporting and sorry for the trouble.