New delay/duplication in opening file from sshfs mounted drive


Up until recently, I have been able to open and edit files in sshfs-mounted drives without problems. Now, when I try to open a file, Atom does the following:

  1. Displays a blank tab for 15+ seconds; the name of the tab is the name of the file I’m trying to open
  2. Opens the file in a new tab with all the expected content, but the title of the tab is in italics
  3. If I close the tab in (2) or navigate to the tab in (1), I see that the formerly blank tab now displays the content expected.

This is very frustrating.

OS X 10.11.2
Atom 1.7.3


I have used nothing but sshfs for months now. The only problems I’ve had similar to your problem was when the sshfs connection was intermittent. Shutting down the sshfs folder and reopening it always fixed it.

Don’t forget that Atom bangs on the disk a lot every time you do anything. My sshfs folder would seem ok in terms of listing files but not with atom.


@breschke Many users have reported that updating to Atom 1.8.0 (currently in beta) solves network-related issues like these.