New: Bug Report package


I noticed that some people were having issues knowing what to put in their bug reports and I figured everyone might need a little help since a lot of it is kind of tedious and repetitive. So I created a new package: bug-report! It simply opens a new Markdown file and adds relevant version numbers (the OS versions need a little work) to a boilerplate template.

Check out the README for more details …


Now you need a button to bring up file picker to load an image and a button to submit it to this forum.


Hehe, well copy/paste will have to do for now. But I intend this for use both here and on GitHub Issues. Personally, I think GitHub Issues will be easier because of their API.


I was thinking one button for Submit to Discussion Group and another input field for user/repo like mark-hahn/live-archive. Or maybe just the package name and look up the repo in package.json.

Just last night I had to use the github api so it is fresh in my mind. Let me know if you would take a PR.

For the GIF file-picker I was thinking that we would use the normal open file dialog in atom and we could intercept magic file names like “debug-report-anything.gif” when chosen. Is there a better way? Atom should provide a file-picker for packages. I had to write one from scratch for view-tail-large-files.


Sure I’ll take a PR :smile:


I’ll let you know if/when I start on it.

Speaking of possible overlapping work, have you started on the package bisect yet? I don’t know why I’ve been doing all these packages instead of a desperately needed one like that.

Does anyone think there are other packages that are must-have-right-now?

Must Have Packages That Don't Exist?

I’ve created a branch, but I haven’t checked any code into it :laughing: Honestly, with the way my schedule is behaving at work lately … I’m not sure that I’m going to have the energy to make significant headway on it. (Which is the main reason why I asked for it to be included in the 1.0 release.) So don’t let the fact that I might be working on it dissuade you :wink:


Do you mean you asked for a core team member to do it?


That was my implication, yes. But it hasn’t been explicitly included into the roadmap, so I was still planning on getting it done myself just to be sure.


I like this a lot.

Being able submit it right to Github would help, but then you run into the difficulty of knowing which package repo to submit it to, since it’s not always the core.
Not sure how that could best be handled.