New Atom Video Tutorials


Amanda here - course producer over at Tuts+. Just wanted to jump in and say that we recently published a course about using Atom: Speedy Workflows With Atom.
The course shows off many of the really cool features of Atom and how to use them well along with some package highlights.
I think it’s pretty helpful and a great way to commit to diving into Atom (but I am also a little biased!). So if anyone has any thoughts about it let me know what you think.

We’re also thinking about a course around creating packages so it would be great to hear any thoughts around if that would be useful to anyone.

Thanks! Amanda.


That’s great and all, but looking over the video list, it seems like it’s pretty basic. I mean, honestly, I wouldn’t be charging for content for an editor with a relatively small user base that isn’t even v1.0.

I do like a lot of the stuff you guys do over at Tuts+, but this seems a little underwhelming.


Great to hear your support for some of the content we put together at Tuts+. We need to keep in mind the intended audience for this particular course. Although there are many people who will be confident diving into Atom using the guides and menus to find their way around, there are others who prefer to see the workflow tips, shortcuts and packages in action to save them time and point out things they might not have previously considered.

I’m not sure why we shouldn’t be charging for content for an editor with only a small user base. We like to support early projects and in some cases it’s been our support that has helped projects gain wider reach.

It is a paid course at this stage, however it’s part of the overall subscription for members and available under a free trial for those who aren’t.

Any thoughts about a course around creating packages?


I completely forgot Tuts+ was subscription based. I don’t have as big of a deal with the content being behind the paywall now. :blush: That’s true. I liked the ST2 videos of the same ilk, but they covered a lot more packages and neat little things I hadn’t considered. Part of the reason this one felt a little light was probably the lack of a large number of “must have” packages.

A course about creating packages would be very nice, but it would have to go much deeper than the current package instructions from the documentation. You should go into creating views and walkthrough creating a non-trivial package. That I might actually get a few dollars out of me.