New Atom logo and icon


What do you think about the new logo?

Found here


Looks pretty nice. I like the modern, vector feel.


New icon


The new icon and logo were designed by jeejkang and cameronmcefee


Awesome icon. Great job designers.


I have no problem with the new logo, in fact I like it pretty much.

But the new icon really seems outdated. Glossy icons are a thing from the past IMHO.


Great job with the design. Although, personally I think a darker green would really make the Atom logo stand out more. I feel that the white gets lost a bit with the light green background.


The execution is crispy clean, but I’m not feeling it as a web 2.0 button. I think that it looks strong in a light weight, as it is in the top on the page. I feel like the brandmark could benefit from some contrast. The logo could be reversed in a circle maybe, and the text could be left as is. Obviously, it fits in a hexagon well. I still like the atom design that was inside the cube. It felt like it had more character/charisma. This is cool, but feels sterile in comparison to the older one.

Another part of me wants to compare this to the Octocat logo. These two logos don’t appear to be in the same family at all.

I’m not trying to cause a stir, nor am I trying to sway any decisions. It’s still a million times better than SublimeText’s logo. I’m still psyched on everything. Atom has been a joy to use. And the attention to detail is inspiring.
Stay awesome!


Font for “ATOM” = Gotham Rounded Light, by Tobias Frere-Jones?


the logo is nice, but the icon seems kind of outdated to me - like someone else said, glossy spheres are not really a modern icon anymore.

Did you every consider asking this guy for permission to use his icon, I actually manually replace the atom icon on every release with this one:


I have to agree with @Pymand @BlackWolf

I think the logo looks great but I think the icon feels a bit dated. Like the old icon sat on a car dashboard in the summer for a long time.


@BlackWolf :heart:

FWIW I’m thrilled with the new icon that they came up with. It has some similarities to the retro feel of the Atom site. I’d also (of course) be happy to share what I’ve created. Best of all I think it would be great to see an official API for replacing the app icon. Let the people choose.


Personally, I like the new icon. But I’m not a design guy … so there’s that.

But I really like the idea of allowing the icon to be customized post-install.


Definitely dig the new logo, but preferred the modern-feeling cube over the gradient-laden sphere. The white shadowing around the logo seems to dull it a bit. Great work all around though guys!


As for the icon: I’ve used the previous (hexacube) icon only for a few minutes before updating to the current version but thought it substantially more suitable to the app. The new one has a generic retro aesthetic that feels a bit cheap. +1 on BlackWolf’s proposal.


The logo is great. The icon feels a bit dated as the others said.
This custom one for ST feels special and modern and won’t be mistaken for an IE icon.

The custom icon from Edward looks great too (has a bit of that Dart icon feel)


I really like the logo and the icon. For some reason, I always think of the old-school Aperture Labs in Portal 2.


Love the logo, but the icon is too faded and glossy I think. The previous one felt stronger


I really liked the old logo. it was… different. but that just me.


Can’t believe the new logo was chosen over the previous. It’s too outdated.