Never received email invite confirmation


I have been invited to participate. In fact, when I put my email in on it says “***[my email] is already on the list***”. But I never received my confirmation email to download. Any help or thoughts would be greatly appreciated.



Putting your email in the field on just registers your interest in the beta. You still have to wait for the invitation to arrive.


Thanks for the reply leedohm. But actually I received the personal invite from a friend from one of his 3 referalls. He said he sent it but I just never received the email. My email is:



I’m just a moderator on the board. I don’t have any visibility into the actual invitation system, sorry.

When your friend goes to, does it say that all the invitations have been sent? I know that with a couple of mine it took a few hours for the invitation to go out.


Sure, thanks. I understand, I’m just trying to figure out if there is another way to “resend” or anything like that. To answer your question, yes he says it does show as sent.


What happens when you visit


I authenticate through GitHub, and it does let me login. But no options to download are present anywhere, that I can tell.


Can you screenshot what you see when you login?


I go to

Then once I sign in there, I am redirected to the main page with the “Sign out” option at bottom.

Thanks again!!