Network connects (or else)


Atom makes connects to google analytics ( and ( on startup. If I don’t let it do that, it crashes right away.

Atom also makes connects to (also 443) and other google addresses from time to time.

I am worried that my editor phones home about my usage and what I do with it. I haven’t been able to find an explanation for this - so I will stop using it for now, because of that. Anyone have a good reason why google needs to know about my development activities?


Atom crashes on connection failure

You should be able to disable the metrics package to prevent sending any of the metrics data.


The very first time you open Atom, it welcomes you with a text message telling you about the Google Analytics integration.

I do agree, however, that opting out of this should be easier (and, ideally, opt-in and not opt-out).


Thanks for the help. That indeed does disable all the google interaction. The interaction with can be blocked without a crash, so I am happy.


I think it makes sense for the beta to be opt-out. The whole point of a beta is to do all the sciency stuff to make the software better, so they need metrics. But the stable, once we get one, should most definitely be opt-in.

Judging form the atom/metrics repo, the data they collect is pretty innocent. Has anyone done any sniffing to double check that Atom is being as nice as we think?