Nested git repositories and the ignored look in the tree


I’m working a lot on a projects that use a vendor type folder and within it git repo’s where you also need to work on. The top folder has a .gitignore for /cookbooks or /vendors so that folder and everything below that is grayed out. Example:

But actually i would like that it was not so in /cookbooks/applications where a different .git folder and .gitignore file resides.

Is there a built in way?


We have the same problem.

+1 for Nested Git Repository support


I have a similar problem. I’m ignoring node_modules content but not node_modules/api on which I’m working on. Atom should also un-ignore folders with ! prefixed in .gitignore


Even though this topic is a year old I’d like to add my vote for this. I have a larger Git project containing a folder with several independent Git repos; that folder is in the parent’s .gitignore.

Atom recognizes the parent, but the children are greyed out because they’re in the parent’s .gitignore. For various reasons submodules aren’t a good solution to my particular setup, so an option for Atom to recognize nested repos would be very helpful.


Did anyone open a ticket on the tree-view repo?
That’s where enhancement requests are best placed, so devs can pick it up.

There is one issue already open that sounds like it covers part of what you’re after:


Still a problem for me. I add subrepos to the project before the parent repo, but it still doesn’t work correctly. So I opened an issue for this: