Need Maintainers for some projects


I am not going to be able to maintain some Atom projects I created so I thought I’d offer to let someone take them over. I was trying to recreate some of the things I found useful in emacs. Is anyone interested?

Also, can packages be handed off or is there a better way to retire one so the package name can be reused by someone else?

The 6 packages are here:


I believe that packages can be handed off somewhat easily now. @thedaniel is there documentation on how to do this?


I would also like to take the ownership of an existing package. Assumed I get the ok from the previous maintainer, is there some documentation available in the meantime? I could not find any.


@abe did you say you had some information on how to do this?


I think the simplest thing is to have the original maintainer transfer the ownership of the github repo to you. Once done you’ll have to replace the repo field in the package.json to point to the transferred repo on github. Then you can just publish a new version.

If you can’t contact the original maintainer I fear that the only solution is to fork the project and publish the fork as a new package.

Would anybody like to take over my packages?

@mkleehammer … I recently thought about creating a Vim like registers plugin, because for my workflow it is quite faster to use some hardcoded registers instead of dynamic ones. The shortcuts in Vim are a bit different but I think of something like ctrl-alt-c ctrl-alt-0 -> copy to register 0, ctrl-alt-x ctrl-alt-0 -> cut to register 0, ctrl-alt-y ctrl-alt-0 -> yank from register 0 and even a possibility that copy and cut will append the new value to the existing register value instead of overwriting the register. The same goes for 1 to 9, so there are 10 fixed registers which should be enough. Vim has a lot more, but I guess I will stick to 10.

If you don’t mind, feel free to hand this over to me and I’ll extend your plugin. Otherwise I’ll start my own.



I just need to transfer ownership of the GitHub repo to you apparently. What is your GH account name?


I am using the same nick: papermoon1978


Transferred. I tried to send you this email when I transferred it but I just got a rejection notice yesterday. I just wanted to pass along some of my original thinking:

I’m a long-time emacs user and emacs also has single-character register names. Instead of just porting over emacs features to Atom directly I tried to put some thought into redesigning them from scratch. For this package I tracked my usage and noticed that register uses for me were really bimodal:

Easily 95%+ were using a single register to hold something for just a little bit. (Emacs has a great clipboard ring that helps with this too.) I almost always use ‘q’ since it is easy to hit.

The rest of the time I was refactoring a bunch of functions and usually had two to three items I would assign to a mnemonic key like “t” for top (something at the top of each function or chunk of code I was redoing), etc.

This led me to a design with 1 single-keystroke register called the Quick Register. The rest are named making it easy to still use mnemonic names if you want (“top” is quickly selected by just pressing “t” for example) but allowing me to use longer more memorable names for cases where the refactoring is going to be over a longer period of time.

I didn’t want to port directly since Atom is its own editor and will have a different set of users than emacs. Something designed just for converts from emacs or vi should probably not use a generic name but something like “vi-registers” so we don’t clutter up the Atom landscape.

If your current thinking is that it takes too many keystrokes, first make sure you have assigned the quick register commands to easy to use hotkeys. If the issue is that you want more than 1 quick register, may I suggest keeping the naming system as-is, but either (1) creating quick registers 1-9 or (2) creating a single quick register command that accepts a single character as the name. Realistically how many single-character registers would a person actually have? I think the end result would be more powerful than registers in either emacs or vi.

Good luck!