Need Help with creating an offline Desktop application with electron

Hi All,

I landed upon Atom Electron in pursuit of building up a Desktop application with a vision of developing a web application in the future.

My requirement is to create a desktop application with electron. This application will basically have a pre-defined survey consisting of 30 questions. The user will answer all the questions and then click Submit. Upon submitting, a score will be generated depending upon the choices entered by the user.

My queries are:

  1. Please provide a link for a tutorial having this kind of functionality. I have searched a lot but couldnt find anything for my requirement.

  2. Can I use Node.js for writing the logic for calculating the score? If not, then which technology is advisable?

  3. The next version of this application will also be available for the WEB. So, how much resuable will the code written for Desktop be for the Web version?

Thank you for the help.

Hey there!

I googled a bit and I found this for your first Question:

It is not a tutorial but I guess this would be a good start and you could easily manipulate the question data structure to your own needs as well the calculation part.

2.) & 3.) You could reuse all the code if you write the logic in javascript and don’t relay on specific node.js functions or packages(that just works on node.js) since you want to go for a web version anyways.
If you take a look on the link I posted you can see it just runs on normal website :wink:

I hope my answers was helpful.