Need help with autocomplete and Chef cookbooks


Not a developer by trade, writing Chef cookbooks and having problems lately, especially creating custom resources. I have “language-chef” installed plus 9 other community packages.

If I type:

custom_resource 'blah do
action: install

at “install” I get a bunch of options and none are just “install”.

Then when I finish the resource with “end”, “end” isn’t an option but 3 other things come up that contain “end” in them. I’m constantly having to press the ESC key to cancel what it’s recommending and it’s starting to drive me crazy.

Can I either add the things I want to autocomplete list? or re-order that list somehow? Thanks in advance.


The completions you see are probably defined in the language-chef package, unless you have an autocomplete package for chef as well (in which case they may come from there too).

I recommend changing the completion setting from tab and enter to just tab. It took me some getting used to when I first did it, but now I use it without a problem. This setting is in the autocomplete-plus package.

You can add custom snippets in your snippets.cson file. The syntax is described in the flight manual, but if you have a specific goal you can ask here and we’ll try to help.

I don’t think that’s possible. The order is based on the “score” of the word according to what’s already been typed, which basically puts the closest matching completions on top.


Thank you for the fast reply! Will look into those recommendations immediately.