Need Help Starting with Atom


I am new to atom and coding itself and I have been watching videos on Youtube about atom but they have all these index.html and so many files on the sides when starting a new project. I just want to know what are those and how do I get them to start a project to do stuff like linking libraries etc. Do I have to write my own, or is there something online?

Thanks in advance!


Have you taken a look at the Atom Flight Manual? It won’t help you with learning to write code, but it does help with learning how Atom works.


I did but I couldn’t find anything there


Couldn’t find anything there about what?


index.html is a common file in web site projects. Depending on what you’re looking to do, there are programs to automatically generate default files like that so the developer only has to work on the code specific to the project. When you’re ready to look into that, look up “generator” or “scaffolding” related to your project type, or ask in an appropriate forum.

If you’re asking for advice about where to start, you should start with what language you’re interested in learning.