Need Help on "Hello World" - Jibo


I need someone to guide me how to open the “command line interface” and change the directories to the root.

  1. In the New Jibo Skill dialog:
    1. Choose Skill in the Type dropdown if it is not already selected.
    2. Type hello-world in the Package.json name box.
    3. Click Generate.
    4. Windows Users Only: If you see an alert about manually running npm install, please do the following before moving on to Step 4:
      1. Close Atom.
        :sweat: 2. > Open your command line interface.:sweat:
      2. Change directories to the root of your skill: cd ~/github/hello-world
      3. Run npm install
      4. Reopen the skill in Atom.

Thank you in advance!


I don’t think this is the right place for this question. Currently the Jibo SDK is only open to beta testers and I don’t know that anyone that hangs out here (unless the Jibo folks do :wave:) is in that elite group :wink: You may want to contact the developers of the jibo-sdk package. The FAQ contains instructions on how to do that for any Atom package or theme: