Need help getting started with electron



So I have just installed Electron and copied in the code from the quick start.
When I try to start my app from the command line my app just flashes open and instantly closes.

Here is what gets outputted on the command line:
[28092:0711/] Renderer process started
[28100:0711/] Renderer process started

As I said my code is just straight copy-pasted from the quick start tutorial, I don’t seem to get any or crash report. I’m running windows 8.

Any help would be great.


The quick start snippet doesn’t work because no reference to mainWiindow is kept. You should put var mainWindow = null; right before app.on('ready', function() {



So I followed the quick start at this URL:

As far as I can tell it does have the global reference to mainWindow set?


Oh wow, I don’t know how I missed that…