Need help fixing autoindent


Why is typescript not autoindenting properly. Demonstrated here :

For TypeScript : You can see that the } is moved to the right place. However the cursor end up at the start of the line. For JS both } moves to the right line and the cursor moves to the right indent level.

As far as I know it gets driven by editor.increaseIndentPattern which is the same for both TypeScript and JavaScript in my case (Since I took this setting from language-javascript):

Funny thing is that atom does indent correctly if there is some character on that line (using code editor = atom.workspace.getActiveEditor(); editor.autoIndentBufferRow(editor.getCursorBufferPosition().row)). e.g.

This there must be a character requirement is not needed for JS for some reason and I don’t see how that works (notice the indent line shows up after I run the code, it does not happen for TS if there isn’t any stuff on that line).

Any tips?

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Figured it out. “” needs to be classified as whitespace.


I’ve implemented a package that keeps the cursor at the current level of indentation, even on empty lines.

Feel free to try, submit issues and contribute!