Need Help Finding a Package (vertical line next to number row)


Okay I’ve searched most places and I can’t find the package.

The Package I’m wanting is that coloured vertical line left of the line number count, how do I get this package?

what is it called to get that vertical line left of row count when I make changes?

lines between 14 and 18 are green left of the numbers.


That’s the git-diff package and it is built in to Atom. You need to be working with a Git repository though for it to be able to mark lines as added, changed or deleted though. So if you have a Git repository at ~/Source/foo and you execute atom ~/Source/foo at the command line, everything should just work.


oh, no I don’t have a repository, but it should be a feature within atom for every file, open the file and then if you make changes it shows that part has changed since last save etc.

is there any way to post a feature request?


You can post a feature request on the GitHub repository for the Atom package that controls the functionality you’re looking for. See the CONTRIBUTING guide for details.

To be honest, I don’t think that this is something that the Atom team would prioritize building anytime soon, seeing as the functionality would conflict with what we’ve already got. I’m sure that someone could build a community package to do this though :grinning:

On the other hand, there is the unsaved-changes package. It doesn’t work exactly like you want, but it is available now!


Okay, I’ll check that package out, thankyou