Need help coloring some things in a package


I’ve had this bug for ages and tried everything to fix it.

Repo Link:

I have 2 problems one is with “%” (expression wrap) and the other is with “{” & “{_” (variables)

The “loop-num” part should be the same color.

"%%" Should color in this Local Variable

This variable should be completely colored (stopping at the “to”)

**Code** (Click to show)
#        begin: '\%'
#        end: '(\%|\\n)'
        match: "\%"
#        match: "\%.+\%"
        name: "variable.exprwrap.skript"
        begin: '\{_'
        end: '(\}|\\n)'
        name: "variable.temp.skript"
        begin: '\{'
        end: '(\}|\\n)'
        name: "variable.normal.skript"

I’ve tried to fix this but every time it’s either ending up getting worst or fixing part of it and break another part, i didn’t want to ask for help on here, i wanted to fix this by myself but i don’t see any other option, thanks for taking your time to read this.

An issues a user posted:


Can anyone help?