Need example for creating package using HTML/CSS for View


I would like to create a simple package (just starting with Atom), where the packages creates a panel (not an editor tab) and displays a view (buttons, text boxes, radio buttons, check boxes,…). Clicking buttons, changing text calls back into the package script (onclick, etc.)

I would like to specify the view in HTML/CSS and not have to build the view in script.

Can someone point me to an simple example for this?



The Find and Replace function lives in a separate package, so it’s easy to look at.


@DamnedScholar - Thanks for your reply.

I had a look at the Find and Replace package. It seems the views (layouts) are built in coffeescript and the style sheet in .less. Also, it seems to rely on atom-space-pen-views, which I’ve read is being deprecated. (Issue#5756)

Do you know of any examples that load the view from and HTML with the style sheet in CSS?