Need Direction

  1. I’d like to use buffer completion on file types not currently supported - e.g., “*.sqr” - currently, autocomplete only works when it’s one of the file types I assumes comes bundled with the package. Where would I go to add my own rules for my own file types (if you have a link for documentation or whatever I’ll be good to go from there).

  2. I frequently run the same commands (from the command line) on a given file. In Notepad++ or UltraEdit you could save a command which dynamically replaces the currently open file (e.g., $ node <>). Is there a plug in or something that will let me do this? I couldn’t find one.



For the first item, the Provider API documentation is linked directly from the autocomplete-plus package README.

I don’t have a suggestion for the second item.


Thanks. the first answer was just what I was looking for!


Can you elaborate on this one?
You mean you’d like to close the currently active file and open a different one in its spot, upon pressing a key binding or something?


Thanks @batjko!

for example, lets say the open file I have is mysqrtest.sqr. What I want to be able to do is run and save the following command from the shell (in my case dos) and have it replace the values in << >>.

e.g., C:\PsoftSqr\sqrexec -cd << current directory of mysqrtest.sqr >> <<mytest.sqr>>

then run that command at the dos prompt and show the results below, like terminal-status does.

I’d like to be able to SAVE that command so that the next time I open a different SQR file, I can just run that saved command again and have it put in the name/current directory of THAT file.

The Terminal Panel plugin lets you run arbitrary commands from the prompt, but it doesn’t save any commands or do dynamic replacement. The “Script” plugin seems to want a language (SQR isn’t a language Atom knows).

Ideally, I’d be able to save commands independently of the type of file I have open, and then pick them from a menu. For example, I might want to run “vim.exe” on many different file types.

I only mention this because this functionality comes in things like UltraEdit and Notepad++ so i thought there might be something like it in Atom.


If this doesn’t exist, i could write something, that would be sweet. But I dont’ know anything about writing atom plugins.


Yea that sounds like a useful package idea.
The flight manual should have all the information you need to get started writing a package for this:


If I do this will I become a world-famous developer?


World fame is within the realm of possibilities for he who births an Atom package.