Need an Objective-C + Electron developer for a short-term project


The technology is great, but I definitely see a lack of the competence out there, especially on freelance sites.

So I thought I could find somebody here who would get interested in my project and would agree to apply for the job: [questionable link removed by @leedohm]

Those who want to try a freelancer experience, I would be happy to talk to you!



Since the link above was to a site that requires registration before it will show you any details about the job, it looks suspiciously like spam or a scam to drive registrations to the site. I’ve removed the questionable link but on the chance that this is a real offer please message @lexrema through the board for more details.


Hi @leedohm
Hm, I think the details were actually available without registration:

Just in case, I’m duplicating info here:
Looking for a developer with experience with Objective-C and JavaScript – to create a mouse-hook library. Methods should be able to extract data from clicked element.

Task is to get information from a clicked element.
Every click should provide next data to mouse event listeners:


  1. Type of the clicked element (button, list-item etc.)
  2. Text value of the clicked element (for example – menu-item text)
  3. Name of the window the clicked element belongs to
  4. Which mouse button has been clicked
  5. Cursor position, cursor type (pointer, text , wait etc)

Technology Stack:

TypeScript is desirable but can be implemented in plain JavaScript
Electron v1.3.0 + “nodobjc” npm package (


They weren’t when I clicked on the original link. Now they are.


Yeah, there was one additional symbol in the path, I think that was my accidental typo.
Thank you!