Nedit like rectangular text editing


I am new to atom and this discussion here.

I would like to know if I found already the best simlar package with "box-edit"
or if there are other features that I did not find so far, which allow editing like in nedit

nedit is a al editor found on most linux und unix platforms. We use it at work, because we
had it already on HP-UX.

What do I mean with “rectangular block editing” like in nedit?

In the following I mean with C+LM = Ctrl (Strg on german Keyboard) and Left Mouse button for marking.

Within nedit, it exists very powerfull features with this marked block.
After with C+LM a block of the text is marked, you can

move the block with just MM (Middle Mouse) without keyboard
and move away text which was at the target position of the movement
press MM and move the text and release it to stop moving.move the block with C+MM and replace the text which was at
the position where you move th block to. The block at the
origin gets replaced by white spaces.copy the block with CS+MM (Ctrl+Shift+MiddleMouse) and replace the
text which was at the position where you move the block to. The
block at the origin stays the same, so really copy no deletion.

This is really powerfull and because we often edit large text-files,
where the data is aranged in column order, it is often used by us.

To show the capabilities of nedit I created a short 2min screencast with nedit and uploaded it ot youtube:

Alexander Bruns


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