Native Win+Number taskbar shortcut on Windows behavior is not ideal


Forgive me if this have been covered, but on Windows (7,8,10) and Ubuntu 14 (not sure about OSX), hitting the Windows/Super key + Number will open programs that are pinned to the taskbar in that order, so if Terminal is at spot 1, Win+1 will open it, or switch to it if it is already open, or minimize it if it is already focused, etc, etc for each program. I find this much more productive than tabbing through open windows. See the first section at to get a better worded description.

This works for Atom at least for launching the application, however, subsequent presses will launch completely new instances of Atom instead of switching to, or minimizing the already opened instance. Has anyone noticed or been frustrated by this, and does anyone know a workaround? Basically I just want a universal keyboard shortcut to focus the already open Atom instance - don’t really care if it is taskbar related or not - just want to tap+boom, done.


nothing? ok.


Sorry, I don’t have any suggestions for quick fixes or workarounds for you. I’m a dirty tabber :laughing:

You may want to open an Issue on atom/atom if you haven’t already. This may be related to the multiple icon pinning thing too?


Thanks for the response. That’s interesting. I do see the connection. So if I open Atom from a pinned icon, a new icon appears all the way to the right (like unpinned programs do). If I then pin this one and move it to say, spot 6, win+6 will now work to refocus/etc. that instance. This is helpful, though I’d have to repeat this process every time I start a new session. Will look through the issues some more.