MySQL database management

I think you should add a MySQL database management into it so you can access you database in atom with out having to move to the SQL Workbench to access your database

I split this into a new topic because … well … it is a new topic :grinning:

Ok thats fine

If a package doesn’t already exists, it sounds like a good idea for a new one. blink blink :wink:


I agree. I wouldn’t want this to be built-in to Atom … I don’t care about managing MySQL databases through my code editor. But as a package, great!

Well im not to sure how to build package for that but im willing to try any advice on how to start would be great

The Atom flight manual has what you need to get started:

I think that’s some major work.
You’d want not just admin tasks, but presumably also querying. That requires some fancy scalable tables inside views that are essentially made for lines of text; not impossible, but something which others have had trouble with in the past.

I’d be interested to see this, though. Not for MySQL necessarily, but the same principle for MSSQL.

You can put arbitrary HTML into an Atom tab. See my html-tab package. It is just an educational package.

Edit: And, if there is a real website to do this (which I assume there is) you could just use a web browser package to do the whole thing,

I was just thinking that a simple html table won’t do here, so I wonder whether someone could just drop some framework’s nicely packaged table view into an Atom text-editor pane and call it a day, or if there are some incompatibility issues or restrictions that would make it too difficult.

Well if you all want to help build it im new to atom i just got it today i will link a GitHub repo if you want to help just let me konw

I’ve started tinkering on a general database management app using electron. I haven’t gotten too far yet, but figured a separate app was a better solution as dub management seems rather disjoint from code editing.

My ultimate goal is to access SQLite, MySQL, Postgres, and SQL server (platform permitting). I’m debating support for NoSQL databases, but want to keep it simple to start.

What would be the best place to start? It should be pretty easy to connect and execute queries. Displaying results in a table should also be easy. Would that be the best place to start? Does this idea even make sense to the community?


Definitely. Back in the days when I was unemployed and writing tons of packages I was going to write such a thing for NOSQL DBs like couch, my DB of choice.

If you want to put arbitrary html in an editor tab check out my html-tab package. It is an educational package for this purpose.

I don’t see any platform dependence here, as SQL Server does provide standard ODBC drivers to connect to instances remotely from other OSs, as far as I know.

I’ve been wanting to find a PHP/MySQL solution. A ton of people use these coding tools already for this purpose. It makes sense to keep these skill sets active since we already use HTML/CSS/JS with Atom already. There have been some attempts in the past to do this, but didn’t have the support that Electron and Atom have, so they eventually failed.

I also have a project that requires a database and I’d like to be able to store it locally, not via the internet. I’ve never created a local database in any HTML work I’ve done, although I know it’s now possible, but I’d prefer to continue to use my PHP/MySQL skills.

Is there an update on this?
What is the best way to search a remote MySQL database using Atom?

Rather than hunting around for a suitable Atom package (and wondering if it will continue to be supported) I might use an ansible script which runs at the command line level.

Here is ansible script managing remote MySQL.

Atom operations on a remote server can be run through process-palette > ansible script.

Of course there are many ways of communicating with MySQL and other databases and ansible is just one, but well developed. You can also write a PHP client.

Just consider the question, how might I run this operation by command line interface or script?

It should be an easy task for anyone with moderate JavaScript skills to wrap node-mysql-admin into an Atom package.

At worst, a package could serve the ever-so-terrible phpMyAdmin and provide a view for it.

There are many options to achieve this with little effort!

I built a package to perform simple queries. It isn’t meant to replace a database manager but it could help you. I haven’t updated it in a while but I think it do well its work.

Thanks. I am not looking to write queries. Mostly, I want to be able to view tables easily without logging into the remote server each time.
What’s the best way to do that?