My theme isn't showing up in the theme or package search


Hi, I’ve just set up a new kubuntu host and installed Atom from .deb, went to install my neon-syntax theme but it’s not being returned by the in-app search. To test I uninstalled neon-syntax from my current desktop then searched for it and again it’s not showing up there either.

Is this a bug with the site?


When I just searched for “neon” using the apm command-line utility, “neon-syntax” came up as the first search result. So it’s in the system … just something seems wrong with the search order on the website. I’d recommend installing it using apm install and searching the atom/apm repository to see if there is a bug filed on this.

If you do file a bug, please post a link to it here.


I just noticed that on the kubuntu host where atom is installed via deb… there are no community packages showing up in the search results whatsoever, 0/0 for this category both under ‘themes’ and under ‘packages’. Tried restarting it a few times and making sure the host has network connectivity


Filed bug here: [website] incomplete/empty search results from within Atom #348


Argh. I wasn’t looking in the ‘Install’ pane. Disregard


Thanks for letting us know :grinning: Closing this as fixed.

closed #7