My theme doesn't show up?


I have made a small theme.

I pushed it to github, in hopes to see my theme on

The result, was nothing. The repisitory is on github, and no matter what, it doesn’t appear in the theme search when I search it.

I am expecting the package to be located on

And here is my theme’s repository.

Could you answer my question, why doesn’t my theme show up?

I’ve been waiting for 20-30 minutes and still nothing happened.


Did you run apm publish from the root of your local repository?

(See the Atom Flight Manual for more details on publishing Atom packages and themes.)


Huh… Thanks for telling me! I just looked at the manual and used apm publish minor and it sucesfully published to using my token.

I think I should read the manual more next time…

Anyway, the theme is now available for download! :slight_smile: