My shortcuts don't work


My whole atoms broken no shortcuts or colors can someone tell me how to re install it and delete it or how to fix it on mac OS X el capitan?


You can reset Atom to factory defaults by moving or deleting the ~/.atom directory when Atom is closed.


How is that done

  1. Close Atom
  2. Open a terminal window
  3. Execute mv ~/.atom ~/.atom-backup
  4. Launch Atom again


I have no conmand prompt I use a mac


I use a Mac too. The command prompt is called “Terminal”.


Ok thanks i’ll try it



What grammar is being used on that file? Does it say “Plain Text” in the bottom right of the screen? If so, click it and select “HTML” from the list that appears.


Yay it worked


Atom can’t figure out what language a file is until you save it with the appropriate file extension.


Okay it worked. I’ll do that now.