My self-written package causes error "Cannot find module 'atom-languageclient'" despite atom-languageclient being a dependency and it being present in node_modules/


I am currently trying to write my own package for Atom using the atom-languageclient from here:

However, I am always getting the error message “Cannot find module ‘atom-languageclient’” as a backtrace from my require(“atom-languageclient”) in the package code when my custom package is activated.
This happens even though atom-languageclient is listed in the package.json as a dependency, and it’s even present in node_modules/ inside ~/.atom/packages/language-tethercode/ so it clearly should be available.

Can someone tell me what I did wrong? The package is available at this url:


This has been solved, apparently it was an atom-languageclient packaging isuse / npm bug(?):