My rcedit does not act


i use Window 10 OS.
i want to create exe file. but i can not understand. after Rebranding with Downloaded Binaries

When i inputed command at cmd like that “gyp rcedit.gyp --depth .”
, show below the error.

Traceback (most recent call last):
File “D:\LoopyWayne\desktop\tools\gyp\”, line 13, in
import gyp
File “D:\LoopyWayne\desktop\tools\gyp\pylib\”, line 37
print ‘%s:%s:%d:%s %s’ % (mode.upper(), os.path.basename(ctx[0]),
SyntaxError: invalid syntax


I noticed about this problem. i used python 3.x.x version.

if you get the same problem, try to install 2.x.x version python.