My panels are all over the shop -and can't reorder them


I am using 1 plugin called remote-ftp, and for some reason today when I opened up the ftp plugin decided to start hiding the panel when it connects and also moving it to the far left of screen.

I would prefer my local tree-view to be far left, how do I fix this plz?


1.17.0 introduced a new docks feature to allow more flexibility in how package views are displayed. Since remote-ftp hasn’t been updated in a couple of months, it seems more likely that the behavior you’re witnessing is a result of the docks, and the tree view being made into a docked item.


Is there a better FTP plugin I should be using?


“Better” is relative. You should explore all of them and see which one works best for you. The one that works best for me is atom-commander.


I always forget that I use a code editor for writing stories

nav-panel got similar problems
hiding when the new docks feature get focus
but the docks are necessary
so have to find a new one