My package lost it's hosted atom site!


For some unknown reason my package is no longer being hosted on !

Anyone else seeing this happen to them with their package? An smaller package I have is being hosted, still fine.

I just checked it just earlier today and it was fine! Any ideas? What did I do now :smiling_imp:

(I did a patch release early this morning if that matters)

The github if anyone needs is:

Problem with

Most of package links showing the same errors,seems problems on main site.


I assume @thedaniel already knows about it … but figured I’d mention him just in case.


Thanks for the mention - something apparently went wrong with a deploy today and a few packages are returning 500 - should have a fix out tomorrow.

Docs keymaps 500

This should be fixed now.


Since this is resolved, I’ll close this in a day unless there are any more concerns.

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