My package isn't reloading properly with Window: Reload


I’ve created a custom package for my team and I am using the atom-space-pen-views node module to display help documentation in formatted markdown text. It was working great up until I tried to fix a bug today and now any new code that I type in my javascript file will not be used when Window: Reload.

The function that is called when the hexe:help-selection command is called isn’t using the console.log that I’ve put there. It just gets ignored…

Here is my code:

helpSelection(event) {
var s = this.expandedSelection(s => s.match(/^[a-zA-Z._0-9]*$/));
if (s === "")
else if (Help.has(s))`hexe-help://help/${s}`, {split: "right"});
  atom.notifications.addError(`\`${s}\` not found in Lua API.`);

The first line in the function console.log("test"); was added just today and when I look at the console, I never see that text being logged there. I’m really stumped as to what’s going on cause any new changes that I make to any part of the file doesn’t get recognized when the window is reloaded.


Have you tried closing all instances of Atom and reopening it?


Yes, still did the same thing.

Just restarted my computer and that didn’t solve anything either. I’ve added a couple more console.log's through the code base and none of them end up showing up either.


I think that I’ve fixed it, or at least that my console.log messages started appearing again.

What I did was I found this post talking about how to load dev packages. And I never knew that there even was the apm develop command. So tried doing what the post suggests and it works now.

The weird thing is that I never used to do this and my package development was going smoothly. So I don’t know what’s changed since the last update to atom. Maybe they’re enforcing this now?