My new blog about Atom


Hi guys :slight_smile: ,

I would like show you a new (and pretty much only one i’ve ever had) blog which I’ve been working on for past few weeks after the work and during the weekends. I’ve created it as part of my learning experience with Atom and hopefully to do something useful for Atom community. I wanted to write few articles before introducing the blog and I am still bit nervous , but what the heck it never be perfect :smile:

So thank you for helping me to learn about the Atom(still so much to learn) and I really hope some of you will find something useful there. The link is


Looks great. Is there an RSS feed? That’s pretty much the only way I read blogs.


There is , I am planning to add RSS button during the weekend.


@Trudko Hey, that’s great! :+1:

Are you also behind this twitter account? Or is that somebody else?


Thanks :slight_smile:

That is actually someone else. My twitter handle is @atomtricks. I didn’t start using it yet, waiting for designer to create logo for me.


I was looking for this kind of page. but… I not sure it is because so many gifs, but web page is killing my cpu. maybe you can hide all gifs behind 'show more/read more" links…


Thanks for the information @emcek. It this problem for you on main page only or do you have problem even if you open only one article?


no only on main page…


Cool thanks for letting me know! I will take a closer look at it.


@emcek ok I’ve turned on the excerpts, can you try it again? it should be fine for you now.


Perfect! Well done! :blush:


Sweet, bookmarked as a somewhat new user I am looking for personal experiences and those ever valuable “These are what I think the best plugins are” type posts.

As far as images if you still need any I suggest taking a look at Canva, they have a really nice online tool to make some awesome images.


JustSomeDood I am glad you like it, if you miss anything please let me know! :slight_smile: I am not sure about the Canva because problem was I showed whole content of articles on main page and there fore you could have a lot of animated gifs on the site but I’ve fixed that.


Right, I never show full content myself, I just use a snippit with a static image. If a gif is used at least it wont load till the article does.