My keyboard suddenly changed


Hi, just began to use Atom yesterday and are totally new to programming, I am starting to learn Python and have tried to setup an environment in Atom with the “script” and “hydrogen” packages that should give me the opportunity to run the code directly in Atom.

By the way, i do not think that my problem is related to the packages (just want to mention if important). It seams like that my “number row” on the keyboard has been changed, not the numbers them self, 5 is still on 5, but the parentheses are all moved a tab too the right, and I can not find my equalizer at all. Seams pretty stupid, what have i done wrong(cant find my question mark either)

Just realize that it might could be related to my “nordic/danish” keyboard with an english version of windows installed, but the problem have first shown after I began to use Atom.

BR Kreiberg


5 is still on 5, but the parentheses are all moved a tab too the right

What does this (tab) mean? On my computer, the parentheses are above the 9 and 0 keys, so I guess a keyboard issue is most likely.


on my nordic keyboard 5 shares the tab with %. and my parentheses are on 8 and 9. I solved the problem in windows settings and made a restart. but I think that Atom some how got windows to change my keyboard preferences in windows.

But problem is solved…