My keyboard doesnt wanna unbind and went hallarious


please i binded some keys
and i cant unbind them and the keyboard doesnt wanna unbind them and keyboard went hallarious when i press ctrl it sleeps and when i hold shift and with it 2 it gives me this " and when press its spacing and when press space it shuts down please help me fast i’m waiting for replies :pensive:

Crazy keyboard problems

any one knows come and reply at the discussion :arrow_down:


i have very serious problem my key board does many hallarious things when i press ctrl it sleeps when i press space it shut down and @key is being at the "key and my windows is 7 professional please reply fast pls its a serious problem :disappointed:


Do you have the emmet package installed?


And does it still happen in safe mode (atom --safe), in case it’s some other weird package.


no i dont have it about two weeks ago my keyboard was fine :confused:


in safe mode some may things doesnt work i’m talking now about normal windows



I didn’t mean Windows safe mode, but starting Atom in safe mode, by executing it from the command line with the --safe switch I mentioned.
I’m sorry if that was confusing.


it wasn’t confusing so i now understanded and i will soon repair it ok thanks for all your help @batjko & @leedohm




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