My images don't show at


I created a readme hosted on github. I used the relative-path image markdown format specified in github help. The images work fine at but don’t show on the version at An example image reference is …


I would expect github formatted markdown to work at :slight_smile: Especially since is using the github repo as the source.

How do I fix this?


Use an absolute url instead, with either:


Supporting gfm doesn’t mean they duplicate every assets referenced in so that yo can use relative urls on ^^.


OK, thanks.

Github help and a zillion people on stackoverflow say to not use absolute URLs because they don’t support forking. Oh well …


Yeah, the problem with that is that relative URLs don’t support being viewed anywhere other than from the GitHub repository :laughing: In my experience, the “being used elsewhere” is the majority use case.

Now, if we could get @thedaniel to add a feature where relative GitHub URLs worked from the page … that would be really cool.


Yeah, that’s a problem, hell is paved with good intentions, and sadly internets seems to not care about that :stuck_out_tongue:. Anyone who made a gem or a npm package should know this :).


The U in URI is supposed to stand for “universal”.


Haha, yes, this is a shame, but I didn’t set the rules (and it’s probably better that way :)).


Hi Mark, in my case the is not displayed at all on the package page, just in the repo. I would like to display on the package page as well. Can you help me, please?