My files got discard from atom how to get them back..can you just help with this



My files got discard from atom how to get them back

Your file is right there. It has not been discarded.

can you just help with this

You’re trying to import MilestonOneApp when you have no such file. You do have a MilestoneOneApp, but since you’ve asked for MilestonOneApp, Expo doesn’t know what you mean.


Ya I have milestoneOneApp …and I changed it in app.js too milestoneOneApp … but it says u have to such files …


In terminal we usually ask that way cos I have folder on my desktop so I am calling from there or can you tell me how do I call it to run that ??


DamnedScholar was pointing out you have a typo.


just check this it even shows up this


i really dint understand it can you tell me in detail


What do your GitLab login credentials have to do with whether your import statement is spelled correctly?

In detail: computers aren’t conscious and can’t read unless you program them to be able to read. You and I see MilestonOneApp and read it as what it’s supposed to be, but for the computer, MilestoneOneApp and MilestonOneApp are completely different.


thanq so much i dint see the alphabet was missing


Hi can you help me with this navigation map issue

I want map to be displayed but I see it like this can u help me with this please ?


I can’t tell you why it’s not working just by looking at a photo of a computer screen, and I’m not going to volunteer my time in troubleshooting what looks like a piece of commercial software.