My dockable framework based on Electron


Editor Framework comes out:

I’m recently working on a dockable framework based on the Electron for our application. And here is a snak peak :smiley:

Docking a panel freely in the same window:

Docking a panel in different window:


Looks great, I would like to use this. Is there anywhere I can follow for updates?


I would also like to follow for updates! Great work so far.


Currently it is actively developing, we going to public the repo for web developer very soon. I will reply on this as soon as it opened.


Been 15 days, any update?


Hi steelbrain,

You can check our roadmap here Basically we gonna to release a sneak peak version of this framework in July, the dockable system is part of it — the Fireball Editor Framework. Right now I’m busy in developing the package manager for it.

One of our product is currently using this framework —


#7 Just release the first version of editor-framework :smiley:


I wanted to try out a demo of the editor-framework, but I’m having trouble getting it to work. (This is my first real attempt at doing anything with Electron, so I could easily be doing something wrong.)

First attempt: Clone fireball-x/editor-framework. Run npm install, as directed. npm install fails - it gets as far as the install-builtin Gulp task, but that gave me a permission denied error while trying to clone one of the repositories. (Unfortunately, I failed to make a note of which one.) npm+gulp+git’s prompts to confirm SSH keys were also not interacting well with my PowerShell window. To fix all of this, I changed the gulpfile to clone over HTTPS instead of SSH.

Second attempt: After getting npm install to work, the next step (I thought) was to run the demo. From the editor-framework local copy, I ran gulp run, but that didn’t work either:

[15436] Error: Can not find function “init” in your App

Third attempt: I thought that maybe I needed to download something else to get the demo. After poking around some, I found the web site (it might be nice if editor-framework’s repo linked directly to this). I hoped to find a nice simple “Download” link, but I didn’t see one; I did see a “Project Source” link under Demo, so I followed that. Here I ran into another problem: Project Source > docs -> step 1 ( -> Get Fireball -> dead link.

I’m not sure where to go from here. Any suggestions?


Hi joshkel,

I’ve provide a yeoman generator for people who wish to working with editor-framework:

Based on your information, I think you are not setting right to your SSH in github, which lead to the npm install failed. Because I’m using ssh protocol for all packages used in editor-framework.

For the Error: Can not find function "init" in your App, I think I’ve fix it in recent updates. Just try the latest code for it.



You were right; I had an issue with my SSH key setup.

I deleted, re-cloned editor-framework, and re-ran npm install, and things are working now. Thank you very much for your help.


Hi JWu,

I also am having trouble installing. Tried both through clone and npm install. In either case get “fatal: Could not read from remore repository. Host key verification failed.” Right after Cloning into ‘builtin\console’. This is on Windows (10). I guess this is some SSH thing - can you help here?




Hi ahaber,

There is an issue talking about it:, I’m consider using https:// instead of ssh:// for git clone. Right now there is only some problem in windows platform for this. I gonna fix it soon.


Why did you delete the whole repo out of no where?
Are you moving it somewhere else or what???


@jfmmm LifeProTip: Do not use more than one question marks at once, they are rude and abuse :slight_smile:

If I had to guess the repository has been renamed, you can find it at


Good thing you don’t have to guess then… because that would be wrong.


The designer of our company info me I don’t have the copy right of the style-sheet for this repo and must remove them out for copy right reason. So I can not public the repo with MIT license until I remove all UN-LICENSED things. So I have to close the repository for the commercial reason… :frowning:


Oh wow a copyright on a stylesheet… damn :worried:.

Hope you find a way to resolve this and bring back that awesome tool.

Good luck!

I Wish I had updated my local version more recently, I was suppose to do this tonight :unamused:


I am trying to delete all stylesheet and leave a barely dockable framework of it. I’ll do this as soon as possible.


Any progress made?


Not yet, I’m still working on the new features the company asked for. I have to start rewriting dockable module after that. In my schedule, it should be starting from October.