My development syntax theme won't install outside of dev mode


In dev mode, the package is installed. Outside of dev mode it shows up under Development Themes, but when I click the Install button I get this message:

Installing “sideways-syntax@1.2.0” failed.
Request for package information failed: Not Found

This is a syntax theme I just forked on github here:

I cloned, edited the package.json for the new name and repo values.
This is my first time creating a theme. Thanks in advance for any assistance.


Before you can install a theme from APM, you have to publish it.


I just ran apm install minor from that directory and it is complaining about the repo field.
I used the url for a branch I forked from my own master, my fork of this theme. Is that the problem? It’s the path I used in the link in my original post:

Should I not branch my fork? I wanted a new name for the repo, and I’m used to managing sub-branches.


I don’t see how to edit posts here. I meant publish, not install minor, as the command I ran. And it won’t let me reply without waiting…


Yes, that solved it. Use the master branch and it works.


You can do whatever you want with the branches, but APM is only going to be interested in what’s in Master, as far as I know.