My Css is not working atom editor


Hello i am a newbie but have been having challenges with my atom editor. When i make changes on my css they as showing on the real website. I am using xampp local host. any assistance.


Are both files in the same folder?

This is not a problem with Atom. Atom has nothing to do with whether or not your browser can find the CSS file.


Both files are on the same folder, when i update my css it is not showing on the main website. If it is not an atom problem how else can i fix it? It’s giving me sleepless nights.


I have just discovered it’s something to do with cached files, on my web browser. Although i have not made any progress, Thanl you for clarifying that its not an atom issues.


You should check out Atom Live Server. It allows you to locally host your website, and automatically updates to any changes made. I’ve just started using it myself and found it to be quite useful when changing some css.


Thank you, Alex, I will definitely check it out.


If your browser is caching the CSS, all you have to do is press shift at the same time you press Reload or f5 in order to force a complete reload of the page.


DamnedScholar this is very helpful, Thank you


No problem.