My code stays white


Noob here,

I`m writing C, use Ubuntu, got the gpp-compiler package installed and the Syntax theme is the standard “One Dark” theme that came with atom.



I saved it as a .c file and now the text is colored, but why do I have to save the file in order to tell it to color the text? Is saving it as a .c file the only way to color the text?


You can change the syntax manually for each tab without save, look for grammar selector in the command panel.
The shortcut for it should be Ctrl-shift-L

Saw a big topic about why grammar and not syntax, can’t find it anymore but seems to be some kind of troll-feeder in atom


Because Atom has no way to know what type of code it is unless you tell it. You can manually select the language, you can add a shebang in the first line (for languages like Perl and shell scripts), or you can give it a file extension.

It’s not terribly difficult to guess that a file might be a PHP file or something weird like Lisp or Haskell, but it’s nearly impossible for an algorithm to tell the difference between C/C++/C# or CSS/Less/SCSS/Sass until you get a certain amount of code written that you include a keyword specific to that language. The amount of work it would take to support each language would be prohibitive for a free product, and it still wouldn’t highlight your code from the first keystroke.