My code disappeared

Hello, I was using Atom to write code, and saved the code and turned my pc off. When I came back the page was empty and several days of work was gone. Is there any way to get it back?

I actually had the same thing happen last night. I had been working in a project, saved all my files.

Opened the project today and three of the files I’ve been working on are empty at 0kb. If atom is this unstable and kills several days worth of work, I’m just going back to an IDE that doesn’t kill my code.

I had a similar experience last week and commented on an old thread that seemed to be the same issue. My entire Node.js project was nuked. All of the files suddenly went orange in the sidebar, so I restarted Atom as didn’t know what had caused it and presumed it was a bug that would go away when reopened, but when I did the entire project folder was gone, and didn’t show up in trash (I’m on a Mac). As this was a new project I was setting up, I hadn’t pushed to remote yet so lost a couple of days work. Incredibly serious bug.

@Roshan Are you able to consistently reproduce this bug?

If so, it would be a great help. People are aware of this, but no one has been able to reproduce it. What is needed is a set of steps that anyone can follow exactly to get the bug. I know @noln has said he can’t reproduce it in this thread

Until people know what is causing the bug, they can’t really fix it.


I’m sorry to hear you lost some work - it’s incredibly disheartening - but always, always backup your work remotely and use a version control system (like Git for Github, or GitLab, or SVN from Apache). The reason to use these systems isn’t just in case your IDE is bugged; it’s also in case your computer is physically damaged or god forbid hacked and then encrypted and you are held to ransom (also a good reason to encrypt your entire, or at least key parts, of your hard drive).

Software, like the world we live in, comes with bugs and is not ideal. For this reason plan for the worst and hope for the best - even for tiny projects with a couple hundred lines of code.


I just encountered this issue with multiple projects… 2 html pages and a large CSS file, the only file left in my directory is ‘.dead’, all others were deleted.

I had received a “atom has stopped working” notification when I opened my laptop and figured "Ok, whatever… " restarted it and they were gone. I don’t see anything helpful in the event logs either unfortunately, if there is something that would help you track this down, let me know.

:frowning: Same problem here around 2.3k css code :frowning:

same issue :’( all my codes were totally vanished. disappointed :frowning: is there a way to retrieve those?