My atom snippet doenst work

So i want this snippet to work because then i dont need to type system out println eveerytime. But when i type sout, it should be a shortcut. But it doenst work can someone please explain. I have tried typing snip and tab, but then it just autocompletes to snippet.

You need to be in a Java file for it to appear

i am but it still doesnt show up

You need to type sout (the prefix) to use that snippet

when i type sout in a java file it doenst do anything thats the problem.
I was refering to the instruction on the snippet file.
It says that to create a new snippet u simply type snip and tab
but then i type snip in my snippet file it autocompletes to snippet

Can you confirm this happens in safe mode with the snippets and autocomplete-plus packages enabled (these are built in)?

It should look something like this right before you press tab