My Atom isn't working

My atom isn’t opening please help

10/10 for the poorest question.
Windows? Linux? Mac? First time use? Newcomer? Symptoms? …

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I’m on windows 10 i’m a first time user and it just isnt opening when i press on it ive tried everything

I am not the best respondent since I use Ubuntu rather than Windows 10 (although I do have a dormant Windows 10 installed alongside Ubuntu).

I would search around (not just in this forum). But be aware that writing “I’ve tried everything” does not explain exactly what you have done so far. Put effort into explaining your steps so that you can get more focussed answers. Learn to apply your own google search patterns such as “Windows 10 NEAR atom not starting”. Then you might hit paydirt.

Here is another link from which you can pickup tips.

The forum is blind to your problem until you make as “see”.
What does it mean when you say “i press on it”?
Share a screen-capture and show what you do.

The manual official manual is:

Try this -

  1. Open Atom
  2. Press Ctrl Shift N
  3. Copy this text into the text area of Atom :
# Python 
name = input("Name? ")
print("Hello", name)
  1. Ctrl s to save the file - choose a location and file named:
  2. Did the text colours change?